Join us: Early show and tell and feedback on March 7, 2024. You are invited!

By Johannes Ernst


Update: the recording of the meeting and some notes are now online here on the FediDevs.org site. Some good questions and discussion. We seem to be going in roughly the right direction based on feedback, so we’ll charge on!!

Release early and often, they say.

For some complex projects with complex requirements, it’s also useful to show-and-tell early and often, and get direct, verbal feedback as soon as possible. FediTest is one of them.

Next week Thursday, we are planning to do exactly that. At 11am pacific, under the umbrella of the Fediverse Developer Network, I will do a demo of some early code, talk through some of the requirements and how we are meeting them, with the goal of getting feedback from Fediverse developers who might be potential users of a Fediverse Test Suite.

To be clear, this is very early. Don’t expect a full test suite. Don’t expect that you can run the code out of the box. Don’t expect lots of other things. Do expect questions such as:

  • If we build this out fully, as a developer of a Fediverse server-side application, does/will it solve an important part of your testing problem?

  • What would you like to be able to do that this cannot/will not be able to do?

  • How can we make it better?

By that time, we’ll also have some public code.

There’s no registration required. Meeting coordinates are over at FediDevs.org. Would love to get your input in particular if you disagree with me :-) … otherwise how can we make it better?

Update March 7: The code we’ll be discussing is at:

And remember, we have a Matrix group specifically for FediTest at https://matrix.to/#/#fediverse-testing:matrix.org