FediTest first draft WebFinger results (for FediDevs meetup today)

By Johannes Ernst


For today’s meetup, here are some materials.

As a reminder:

We can report on the first back of testing for the simplest part of this all: WebFinger service conformance.

There’s also:

We are looking for feedback on everything, but particularly:

  • Are results like this useful to you? How can we make them better/more useful?

  • How should we report discrepancies between what the standard clearly says, what the standard probably means to say but isn’t entirely clear about, and what is widely implemented? Examples:

    • application/json is widely used as the JRD content type, not application/jrd+json as the spec implies. Error? Not error? Hard error vs soft error?

    • Some HTTP status codes other than what the spec says. E.g. some implementations report 422 or 400 when attempting to resolve an unknown URI scheme. How should we report that?

Best avenue for feedback: file an issue on framework and reporting or file an issue on the actual tests. Also: Matrix group.

Update 2024-06-07: Recording of the (most of the) call at: https://diode.zone/w/j2fXb58GYMe6n6iFJZYGYs

This is active work in progress, and before the first named release. Documentation on this is site is likely inconsistent. Official release coming soon.